A Woman Living With
Chronic Dizziness Speaks Out...

The following "real" letter shows how inner-ear problems and dizziness can truly affect a person's life.

Northern California will be getting rain soon - I didn't even have to check the weather reports. I started having my "rain" vertigo this morning. I get a strange, tickly feeling in my right ear ... then my ear starts to get that full feeling ... then the spinning starts ... mild at first - probably more severe tonight. I'll be spending time in bed soon.

I was having a great time this morning teaching a soldering class when the vertigo began. I was doing a lot of "close-up" work when the spinning started. I sat down and had the students come to me instead of walking around - I was surprisingly relaxed. I think I'm finally over the fear of falling and embarrassing myself. Wow, how nice! It's only taken almost 20 years of symptoms to finally start shaking the stress - that fear of being out of control. I've had major brain fog most of the day - I get it so much it's almost normal for me. I feel like I'm finally accepting my limitations .... yeah, right! No such luck ....

I'm scheduled to teach three more classes tonight (6:00 - 10:00 p.m.) - I was feeling so well earlier this week that I agreed to fill in for an instructor for the next 3 nights. How am I going to manage?

I heard some instructors complaining that our education department wants all the podiums removed from all the classes. They don't like the "image" of the instructor addressing the class from a podium. They think the instructor should be more like a coach than a lecturer. I need my podium! How am I going to manage?

I will manage the same way that I have for the last 20 years. I was 14 when I started having symptoms - I'm surprisingly thankful that I don't remember what it's like NOT to have this illness. The spinning will stop, maybe not when I want it to, but it will stop.

Wishing you all a vertigo-free weekend.